Large Wet/Dry Vacuum HEPA Filter

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Large Wet/Dry Vacuum HEPA Filter


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Our Large Wet/Dry Vacuum HEPA Filter is compatible with multiple Milwaukee Wet/Dry Vacuums (0910, 0920, 0930, 0931). An installed HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of all particles greater than 0.3 microns for fine dust collection, ensuring dust and microparticle collection of debris such as concrete dust, sawdust, and drywall dust. You can quickly swap or clean filters with the easy access quarter-turn design. The MILWAUKEE® Large Wet/Dry Vacuum HEPA Filter is dry cleanable and washable with water when necessary. This product contains (1) HEPA Filter.

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Weight 1.32 kg
Dimensions 6.73 × 6.73 × 9.13 cm


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