REDLITHIUM USB Rechargeable Portable Power Source and Charger Kit


The Milwaukee REDLITHIUM USB Charger & Portable Power Source Kit includes a REDLITHIUM USB Battery, USB Rechargable Power Source and Charger, 2 FT

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48-59-2013 The REDLITHIUM USB charger & portable power source is designed to get through the day by charging your REDLITHIUM USB batteries and electronic devices on the go. Check the remaining charge of your REDLITHIUM USB battery with the LED fuel gauge, by pressing the lighting bolt button. The compact size is small enough to fit in your pocket or tool belt to conveniently top off the batteries of your mobile devices on and off the jobsite. Both REDLITHIUM USB battery and portable power source and charger covered under 2 year warranty.


  • Charges Milwaukee REDLITHIUM USB batteries via micro USB cord
  • Charges mobile phones, tablets and wireless headphones via 2.1A USB output
  • Compatible with Milwaukee USB rechargeable products
  • LED fuel gauge allows fast checking of REDLITHIUM USB battery charge
  • More runtime: 2X more capacity than (3) AAA alkaline batteries
  • 3X Faster charge time: 2.1A charge rate
  • Includes: (1) REDLITHIUM™ USB Charger & Portable Power Source Kit (48-59-2013)