SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver Bit Set - 74 Piece

SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Driver Bit Set - 74 Piece


Shockwave Impact Driver Bits are engineered to be the Most Durable, Best Fitting driver bits on the market.

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48-32-4062 Our SHOCKWAVE impact duty driver bits are engineered to be the most durable, best fitting impact driver bits on the market. We created optimized Shock Zone bit geometry that is unique for each bit tip type. This provides up to 30X longer life and absorbs 3X more torque versus other impact bits. SHOCKWAVE driver bits deliver extreme durability for the most demanding applications. Precise Fit Custom Machined Tip prevent bit stripping and reducing wobble while in use. Our Custom Alloy76 steel maximizes bit resistance to wear and shock. Our SHOCKWAVE impact duty driver bits can be used in both impact drivers or drill driver. The 74 piece set comes with a wide assortment of driver bits so you can get the job done right every time.


  • Optimized Shock Zone geometry absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
  • Precise Fit Custom Machined Tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble
  • Custom Alloy76 steel maximizes resistance to wear and shock
  • Up to 30x life
  • Absorbs 3X more torque vs. impact bits
  • 1/4 in. to 20 threaded mount
  • Includes: (1) SHOCKWAVE™ Compact Magnetic Bit Holder(1) 1/4" Magnetic Nut Driver(1) 5/16" Magnetic Nut Driver(1) 3/8" Socket Adapter(2) Phillips Bit 1" P1(11) Phillips Bit 1" P2(1) Philips Bit 1" PR2(3) Phillips Bit 1" P3(2) Square Bit 1" SQ1(4) Square Bit 1" SQ2(2) Square Bit 2" SQ3(1) Slotted 1" #8 Bit(2) Slotted 1" #10 Bit(1) 1" Hex 1/4" Bit(1) 1" Hex 1/8" Bit(1) 1" Hex 3/16" Bit(1) 1" Hex 9/64" Bit(1) 1" Hex 5/32" Bit(1) Hex3mm 312 Power Groove Bit(1) Hex4mm 312 Power Groove Bit(1) Hex5mm 312 Power Groove Bit(1) Hex6mm 312 Power Groove Bit(1) TORX® Bit 1" T10(2) TORX® Bit 1" T15(4) TORX® Bit 1" T20(7) TORX® Bit 1" T25(2) TORX® Bit 1" T27(2) TORX® Bit 1" T30(2) 2" Phillips #2 Bit(1) P3 2" Power Groove Bit(2) SQ2 2" Power Groove Bit(1) SQ3 2" Power Groove Bit(1) T20 2" Power Groove Bit(1) T25 2" Power Groove Bit(1) P2 3 1/2" Power Groove Bit(1) SQ2 3 1/2" Power Groove Bit(1) T25 3 1/2" Power Groove Bit(1) T20/T25 Double Ended Bit(1) P2/SL #10 Double Ended Bit(1) P2/SQ2 Double Ended Bit(1) P2/T25 Double Ended Bit

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Weight 2.172 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10.1 × 1.5 cm