TRIMBONE 10oz Titanium Finish Hammer

TRIMBONE 10oz Titanium Finish Hammer


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The STILETTO 10oz TRIMBONE Hammer with Smooth Steel Face and Curved Handle is designed for finish with specialized features. This titanium hammer is 45 percent less weight and hits like steel. The compact D-Face and Trim Claw are ideal for tight spaces. The TRIMBONE also features a steel face and a replaceable grip, available in 5 colors. extending the life of the hammer and providing a personal touch. The 180 degree side nail puller is ideal for 2D-10D nails but has the power to pull up to 16D.

  • 45 percent Less Weight, Hits like Steel
  • Compact D-Face
  • Replaceable Grip and Face
  • 180 degrees Side Nail Puller - Pulls Up To 16D Nails with Ease
  • Trim Claw - Fits 2D-16D Nails
  • Magnetic Nail Starter